Sun May 28 2017  - MusicWeb International

Bach - Goldberg Variations, Pietro De Maria

As soon as I heard the innocence, simplicity, humanity and floating quality of the opening theme, I was confident this would be a harbinger of things to come. I was not disappointed. De Maria’s formidable technique and intelligent, cultivated musicianship are all harnessed to render a performance of spiritual depth, where his lofty vision is eminently realized.
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Sat April 01 2017  - Diapason

Fano: Piano Sonata in E

Elève du précédent, Guido Alberto Fano (1875-1961) connut une triple carrière de virtuose, compositeur et directeur de conservatoires. Pour le défendre, rien de moins que Pietro De Maria, à qui l'on doit une intégrale Chopin (Decca). Il est bon que les raretés ne soient pas la chasse gardée des seconds couteaux. La Sonate en mi majeur (1895-1899) donne l'occasion de quelques morceaux de bravoure, sous les doigts fulgurants du pianiste italien, mais aussi de méditations d'inspiration brahmsienne. On comprend l'admiration de Busoni pour cette oeuvre puissamment architecturée. à laquelle il manque ce supplément d'âme qui en ferait davantage qu'un ouvrage assez impressionant.

Fri July 01 2016  - International Piano

Bach, The Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1 and 2

...The Géza Anda competition struck gold when they gave the first prize to De Maria in 1994. His playing shows a combination of character and integrity that always allows Bach his own voice investing it with an abiding beauty and infinite variety. These records should be in every serious music lover's collection. (Bryce Morrison, International Piano 07-08.2016)

Thu January 21 2016  - MusicWeb International

Bach - The Well-Tempered Clavier, book II

De Maria commands a formidable technique with immaculate finish, and profound musicianship, which he places at the service of the music. These are probing accounts, all the more successful for the intelligent and well thought out choices he’s made regarding tempi, dynamics and phrasing. Everything seems convincing and works well. Far from being a sequence of dry, academic exercises, this pianist breathes new life into these richly constructed works.
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Mon October 26 2015  - MusicWeb International

Bach - The Well-Tempered Clavier, book I

These performances of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I are technically accomplished, assured and immaculately delivered. De Maria obviously loves this music and invests it with tonal beauty and a wealth of colour and shadings...This is top-drawer playing of the finest order and I’m now eagerly looking forward to Book II.
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Fri May 01 2015  - Musica

Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, book I - Pietro De Maria, piano

the overall result achieved by De Maria is a delightful synthesis of the rationalistic-architectonic reasons of Bach's poetics and a characteristic search for expressiveness
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Wed April 01 2015  - Amadeus

The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I

From the beginning, the very famous piece on the C major arpeggio – the Praeludium on which Gounod will construct the Ave Maria – the sound dissolves into such irridescences as to evoke other instruments besides the concert Steinway. As we listen, the impression is confirmed: the piano sounds like an organ, a flute, an orchestra, and even a chorus.
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Sun March 22 2015  - La Repubblica

The Well-Tempered Clavier, book I

In his touch, brilliant range and clear articulation we hear the echo of the study of Chopin's timbre and harmony
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Sun January 04 2015  - Il Sole 24 Ore

The disc of Il Sole

...a true virtuoso, with a sparkling sound, poetic phrasing and a winged fantasy.
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Mon December 01 2014  - Amadeus

Chopin: complete piano works De Maria's case, what strikes us is his “integrity” from the first to the last record: monolithic in the best sense of the term, that is profound, true, passionate.  Somehow, not perfectible.
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Mon March 24 2014  - South Florida Classical Review

Miami Piano Fest opens with Italianate Chopin

From the stormy, rumbling bass at the opening of the Sonata No. 3 in B minor, De Maria offered a dramatic reading, replete with grand romantic gestures and emotional turmoil. A fleet Scherzo danced from the keys with feathery lightness but the Largo was the heart of the performance. With a free sense of rhythm and phrasing, De Maria seemed to be almost improvising the music.
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Fri January 31 2014  - Libero

The magic of the Foné Quartet in Ravenna

In the second part, Brahms' Quintet in F minor op. 34 with De Maria at the piano. And right from the first statement of the main theme of the Allegro ma non troppo, thrills claw at the soul. The tension is incessant, even throughout the pianist's unspeakably sublime rubato in the Andante, un poco adagio
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Mon November 25 2013  - Concertclassic

4ème Festival L’Esprit du Piano de Bordeaux - Piano poète

La poésie seule guide un interprète qui exploite toutes les ressources expressives du piano moderne. Un choix qui ne nuit cependant jamais à la clarté polyphonique et ne conduit à aucune surcharge, aucun surlignage déplacé. Du très grand art…
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Wed June 26 2013  - Concertclassic

Pietro De Maria: une sobriété inspirée

...Gaspard de la Nuit par lequel l’interprète termine son concert. L’ouvrage de Ravel est de retour dans le répertoire de Pietro De Maria après une dizaine d’années d’absence; puisse-t-il ne plus le plus le quitter. Comme dans la Sonate «Funèbre», souvent dévoyée par les excès de certains virtuoses, le Gaspard de Pietro De Maria invite à un pur envoûtement. Dès Ondine, d’une fluidité incroyable, on comprend ce qui guide une interprétation dédaigneuse de l’effet et intensément poétique.
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Sat May 11 2013  - La Stampa

De Maria, superior pianist

Pietro De Maria, on the other hand, belongs to the superior sphere level of performers who are conscious of the fact that the text takes precedence over everything else, as it belongs not only to the history of music, but to the tradition of performance. He is conscientious, analyses in depth, recreates the music with a naturalness of expression that is moving.
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Mon October 01 2012  - Il Giornale della Musica

A dancing Chopin

an artist’s notebook read by a musician in a state of grace...the union (which is truly that of the great musicians) of emotional depth and simplicity of expression
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Tue September 25 2012  - Giornale del Popolo

De Maria, superlative pianist

Many  elements contribute to determining the  artistic and human stature of a musician, and there is only a fine line between that which increases it and that which diminishes it.  An excess of elegance becomes affectation, generosity turns into ostentation, virtuosity into exhibitionism, intelligence into obscurity, impetus into clamor and delicacy into mawkishness. Take all the positive qualities on this list and you have Pietro De Maria, a pianist of exceptional caliber.
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Mon September 24 2012  - Corriere del Ticino

The Emotions of Chopin and Clementi: Pianist Pietro De Maria last Friday at the Settimane di Ascona

Pietro De Maria  offered an exemplary interpretation for the clarity of sound, the technical precision, the moved sensitiveness, the pearly and brilliant touch that sometimes reminded us of that of Maria Tipo.
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Wed September 19 2012  - La Repubblica

Pietro De Maria: revolutionary Chopin, far from the drawing rooms and antique taste

De Maria has taken out the sugar without losing the sweetness. He emphasizes the crystalline melodiousness of operatic matrix without forgetting that sometimes it is sustained by an aggregation of unconventional chords.
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Sun July 01 2012  - Musical Opinion

Pietro De Maria at Wigmore Hall

The artist's range of tone colour and of structural understanding were outstanding, bringing this uncommonly interesting programme to a very fine conclusion.
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Mon May 28 2012  - Seen and Heard International

Impressive Pianism from Pietro De Maria

"...De Maria...displayed an impressive range of touch and evening of mature music making from a highly accomplished artist."
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Sun April 15 2012  - Gazzetta di Parma

A winning couple

"...De Maria, just back from the ordeal of playing the complete piano works of Chopin, both in concert halls and in recording sessions, and now embarked on an equally absorbing adventure with Bach, played with great consistency, extremely daring in the awesome octaves and eloquent in the lighter lines (magnificent the spectral  episode in the middle of the Andantino)..."
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Fri April 06 2012  - La Stampa

De Maria's great Bach

"...De Maria is never mechanical or rigid: Bach’s music palpitates like that of the romantics, but without slipping into an anachronistic style: a balance between discipline and expression that recalls the great interpreters of the past, like Gieseking or Arrau. And every time I hear him, De Maria’s refined and vigorous style reminds me of them. He is, perhaps, unique in his classicism, among the pianists who are popular today."
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Thu April 05 2012  - Il Corriere Musicale

Pietro De Maria interpretates The Well tempered Clavier

"...The interpretation of the pianist Pietro De Maria was, to say the least, exceptional. . .In the Fugues De Maria usually highlights the parts with unspeakable clarity, in short, a lesson in style and “analysis” in the true sense of the word. . .and a  myriad of details are brought to light, an incredible number of elements that are not at all secondary and usually do not emerge . . .and. . .the quality of the sound . . .which is only and exclusively De Maria’s touch, no tricks with “predisposed” mechanisms, specifically adjusted to drive down the keys . . .De Maria’s merit is to have made clear that in the Well-Tempered Klavier lies the root of all piano music from Beethoven to Brahms and beyond…"
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Sun April 01 2012  - Musica

Chopin: The Mazurkas - Pietro De Maria

"...De Maria displays a first-rate legato, softens the dynamic contrasts, creates continual reverberations between the timbre of the melody and that of the accompaniment partly through a use of the pedal which it is no exaggeration to call virtuosity..."
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Sun April 01 2012  - Amadeus

Chopin: The Mazurkas - Pietro De Maria

A microcosm that Pietro De Maria faces after eight recordings and the astute practice of performing the complete piano works of the Polish composer not only on record, but live on stage. And this is entirely an asset
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Wed March 14 2012  - Il Gazzettino

Pietro De Maria and Bach revisited on the piano

De Maria does not present, as other musicians do an imitation of the harpsichord. His acute idea is to revisit Bach in the light of the composers who have been his heirs...Inspiration and mental concentration coexist masterfully in this pianist.
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Thu March 01 2012  - Classic Voice

Chopin: The Mazurkas - Pietro De Maria

"...the conclusion of an exciting voyage begun five years ago with a prestigious recording of the Etudes..."
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Thu September 01 2011  - Amadeus

Chopin: Polonaises - Pietro De Maria

What prevails is the transfiguration of the idea of homeland, woven of a varied range of feelings of nostalgia, of tenderness, of anger and  despair, which make the Polonaise a genre, if not the genre, definitively associated with Chopin. And so, for De Maria, an ideal ground for comparison. All we need to do is listen to the way he lures out the song, even in the most peremptory Polonaises, and how the sound ranges from an almost catatonic level to surges of madness. In between are all the shades of a dream.
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Sat May 01 2010  - Musica

Chopin, Scherzi - Pietro De Maria

This is a performance which reveals not only attention to the text and its precise indications, but also a perfect understanding of the various aspects of Chopin’s poetics, which find a rare consistency of form and character in four creations which share one rhythm but remain unique in their significance and their esthetic value.
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Thu April 01 2010  - Suonare News

Comparing Chopin

Pietro De Maria’s complete works of Chopin continues (he is the only Italian who has performed the complete works in live concerts: hurrah!) one cycle after another, each one honoured with the same natural approach, sincerity and poetic simplicity
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Sun October 18 2009  -

Quintessence poétique - Pietro De Maria joue Chopin au 16e Festival Piano en Valois d’Angoulême

Que dire ? Devant un tel miracle de musique et de piano on pourrait être un instant tenté de faire virevolter les laudatifs...On avait été emballé par les disques ; on s’avoue littéralement stupéfait par l’interprétation que l’artiste vénitien donne d’un programme allant de l’Opus 12 (les Variations brillantes sur « Je vends des scapulaires ») jusqu’aux Etudes opus 25
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Fri May 15 2009  - Sud Ouest - Bordeaux

Con brio

The elegant pianist, Pietro De Maria, lacks neither virtuosity nor delicacy, and his passion does wonders in the third movement [of Schumann’s Concerto op.54], superbly eloquent
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Fri May 01 2009  - International Piano

Chopin: Piano Works, vol. 4

Once more, and to an even greater extent than before, you are made aware of a well-nigh flawless marriage of creator and re-creator, of composer and interpreter
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Sun March 01 2009  - Amadeus

Chopin: Préludes e Allegro de concert

De Maria plays Chopin with an elegance that never degenerates into a pure exertion of style, into the ornamental charm of a generic approach, but on the contrary points straight at the structural and emotional heart of the music
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Sat January 24 2009  - La Repubblica

De Maria poet of the keyboard

The Konzertstück and the Introduction and Allegro found a penetrating and rapt interpreter in Pietro De Maria
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Sat November 01 2008  - Suonare News

A splendid double adventure

the Marche funèbre seems sliding toward a void, a gesture of resignation, almost posthumous with respect to the drama
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Wed October 01 2008  - International Piano

Chopin: Sonatas - Pietro De Maria

Once again his playing stuns and impresses – a rare amalgam of mastery, poetic daring and integrity
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Thu May 01 2008  - Diapason

Chopin: Etudes

A consistency of thought which is the hallmark of great interpreters of Chopin
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Tue April 01 2008  - Amadeus

Chopin: Ballades, Impromptus - Pietro De Maria

They are...interpretations of great personality, which denote a maturity able to present, with full awareness, an original character. It is especially to the Ballades...that De Maria restores lyrical scope and also narrative sense with blazing intensity
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Thu March 20 2008  - International Piano

Chopin CDs 1 and 2 - Pietro De Maria

...these are among the finest of all Chopin discs, easily excelling recordings by almost all the most celebrated names in the catalogue
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Fri December 21 2007  - Il Giornale

De Maria becomes a poet of the keyboard with Chopin

When Pietro De Maria puts his hands on the piano, it comes spontaneously to revive an old definition: he is a poet of the keyboard
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Wed November 28 2007  - La Prealpina

De Maria casts a spell with Chopin

Behind this Chopin we can hear the aristocratic elegance of Rubinstein, the poetry of Magaloff, the tonal qualities of Maria Tipo
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Tue May 01 2007  - Classic Voice

No metronome

..certain personal choices...allow us to hear details which usually escape one's attention
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Tue May 01 2007  - Suonare News

The first recording in a complete works of Chopin series that we can count on.

De Maria has shown an uncommonly rich romantic personality: precise in his reading and brilliant in his performance
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Tue May 01 2007  - Musica

Works of Chopin - Pietro De Maria, piano

We have had an introduction to what promises to be one of the most important interpretations of Chopin of the immediate future
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Mon March 26 2007  - La Stampa

De Maria reveals the magic of Chopin

we are amazed not only by the extraordinary technical control, but also by the unfailing concentration with which De Maria goes through such poetic density and such different environments
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Sun November 27 2005  - La Repubblica

The success of today's music

The brilliant and sophisticated performance of the two piano virtuosos François-Frédéric Guy and Pietro De Maria
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Sun March 06 2005  - La Nazione

De Maria’s delightful Mendelssohn

The two concertos by Mendelssohn are still among De Maria’s most completely successful interpretations: he dominates the arduous pages with the sweep of an authentic virtuoso and restores style to the pieces with supreme elegance
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Mon January 03 2005  - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

New Year's Concert of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra at the Kurhaus Wiesbaden

Pietro De Maria showed his sensitivity for delicate and subdued tones, with exemplary agility, beautifully filigreed high notes and marvelous round trills
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Mon January 03 2005  - Wiesbadener Tageblatt

Radio Sinfonie Orchester Frankfurt at the Kurhaus

With technical perfection and a triumphant symphonic gesture, but also with a breath of elegiac meditation
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Sat July 24 2004  - El Mercurio

Pietro De Maria: a splendid recital

Pietro De Maria’s performance was among the best we have ever heard under every aspect of the pianistic interpretation... A pianist who can play the Ballades in such a way immediately takes his place among the best we have ever heard
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Tue June 22 2004  - Saale Zeitung

A style in step with the times

In Liszt’s Sonata he displayed not only brilliant technique, which allows him to risk facing great masses of sound, but also excellent analytic ability... It is not often that we hear the Sonata played in such a meaningful and modern way
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Tue May 18 2004  - Sun Sentinel

Poetic beauty...

The Italian pianist began the first Ballade with a surety of purpose and a ravishing tonal palette. Coupled with his immaculate phrasing and the beauty of his sound was the effective understatement he achieved by not pushing things to excess
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Mon March 22 2004  - Aachener Zeitung

A first rate orchestra...

A splendid performance both from a pianistic and from a musical standpoint, justly acclaimed with great enthusiasm
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Wed March 17 2004  - Abendzeitung

The Prague Symphony Orchestra in the Meisterkonzert series in Nuremberg

Pietro De Maria showed himself to be a supreme acrobat of the keyboard, far from every overemphatic romanticism, with great scope
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Sat January 24 2004  - Il Giornale di Vicenza

Chopin marathon - De Maria mature and elegant pianist

Pietro De Maria resolves each passage with authoritative self-assurance, style, maturity of expression, fluid technique. And above all, with estreme elegance. A poised composure in which we recognize the inspiration of the great Michelangeli, not only in the external forms of gestures and posture, but in the pursuit of a sensitive touch.
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Sun December 07 2003  - Tribuna di Treviso

A 'Gigantic' Pietro De Maria

You need an almost athletic performance besides talent and technical and interpretative ability. You need a lot of gifts to face a program like the one Venetian pianist Pietro De Maria offered the audience of the Teatro Eden last Thursday
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Thu May 01 2003  - Brescia Oggi

Visions and Sonatas, inspiration and melancholy

At this point, the program was over, but the audience did not want to leave this splendid artist. They were rewarded with no less than four encores... from a famous Etude by Chopin to a Sonata by Scarlatti, from a Prelude by Bach to an amazing interpretation of Liszt’s famous La Campanella, inspired by the Concerto of the same name by Paganini
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Fri March 14 2003  - La Stampa

De Maria, dedications of great class

Sensitivity, taste, and musicality that spellbind the listener from the first note to the last. Those hands that move with confidence along the most dangerous passages offer no ostentation of virtuosity: everything is at the service of an intense, intimate expressivity capable – and this is the sign of the great interpreter – of filling the silence of the pauses with an intensity equal to that of the notes
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Wed December 05 2001  - Mainecho Würzburg

String ensemble of great class

The Bachtage were just over and already tribute was being paid to the Thomaskantor, but with such ability as to outshine all that had been heard before: Pietro De Maria, a 33-year-old from Venice, played the Harpsichord Concert in D minor BWV 1052 on the piano
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Sun September 30 2001  - Eco di Bergamo

Young De Maria: daring and convincin

In his playing precision and clarity have always gone together with a great density of expression, offered with force and vigour, but never exorbitant, sustained by a generous and always controlled passion. These characteristics were quite evident in Beethoven’s colossal Hammerklavier, Sonata op.106
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Bach - Goldberg Variations

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